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"War Trophy" Single Note Card - ID # 16646 by Linda Faber [$3.50 + free shipping]
Each War Trophy/Civil War Collection high grade, thick art paper note card has a print of an original, historically accurate painting by Linda Faber. The back says, "- Many men, sympathetic to the Southern cause in Arkansas and Missouri, had taken up arms: not in dashing uniforms, but the clothing of a civilian. Some of the most famous Missouri guerrilla fighters were led by William Quantrill. Looking to find protection behind Southern military lines during the winter of 1862, his band made their way south toward Fort Smith, Arkansas. On their way they would stumble across a Union wagon train.

It was attacked, the wagons burned, and much needed supplies were taken. Days later they would ride into the garrison walls of Fort Smith and tender their services to the Confederate military until the spring of 1863. Fort Smith had seen many hardened men, but none like these!" Comes in archival sleeve. - Don't miss the 'Variety Gift Box' listing!

Please be sure to have a look at the refund policy for this piece before purchasing.

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