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"Abandoning Fort Smith" - Single Note Card - ID # 16003 by Linda Faber [$3.50 + free shipping]
Each U.S. Marshal/Civil War Collection high grade, thick art paper note card has a print of an original, historically accurate painting by Linda Faber. The back says, "Abandoning Fort Smith: July 31st, 1863." Fortunes for the Southern cause around Fort Smith, AR had taken a drastic downward spiral. As Union General Blunt drives through Indian Territory, Confederates stationed at Fort Smith prepare to abandon the garrison, knowing they will be unable to survive an attack. Wishing to protect their supplies, their commissary stores are loaded upon wagons and led south on the Waldron Road, along with the 1,500 Confederates currently residing at the fort. The fate of Fort Smith and the future of the surrounding areas will be decided the followng day on a rocky hillside known as Devil's Backbone. - Comes in archival sleeve. - Don't miss the 'Variety Gift Box' listing!

Please be sure to have a look at the refund policy for this piece before purchasing.

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