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Robyn Soules
Several years ago Robyn Soules discovered beading and has had a lot of fun creating new pieces and learning new techniques. This has become her passion in life. There is never enough time in the day to create. Every time Robyn enters a bead store or shops online for beads, new jewelry pieces seem to start dancing before her eyes begging to be created. She also loves to create things for other people who are willing to assist in the design of a special piece to wear with a special outfit. What is so much fun about beading for her is that she can take a pattern she has been taught, then create something that is truly her own just with just the right color combinations or choice of beads.
She and her husband, Ron, have a home-based business located in Taylorsville Utah - a suburb of Salt Lake City. All of the jewelry is created by hand and many of the selections are one of a kind. They can be duplicated, but may vary slightly due to the availability of the beads.

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